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Being Poor

(edited repost) Amy at Amy’s Humble Musings is writing about how they became debt free. Very good stuff. I can’t write that story, because we are no longer debt-free ( as of 2010 we are once more debt-free except for the mortgage). But I have written before about how we lived when we had no […]

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Truly, I haven’t cried. I have had a lump in my throat once or twice. I blinked back tears when I put her veil on for pictures. I swallowed hard when That Man kissed my daughter in public (and we love That Man). I blinked a lot during the slide show showing both of them […]

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Warning Labels

“I think,” said a young friend we met in real life after some time chatting via internet, “That your family ought to come with a very long warning label.” You may see why when I say that we were all utterly enchanted by his remark, and think it one of the nicest things anybody has […]

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The HG’s Life on Tuesday, November 4…

Today’s Election Day! I will go vote later on, and probably hear how crop and cattle prices are doing whilst I wait in line. That’s how it usually goes around here… it’s a fun cultural experience. Today I also get to register for classes next semester – I’ve decided to go for Option B and […]

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Chaos and Calamity

18 year old Pip is voting for the first time in her life, and she is also the Republican ‘clerk’ for one local voting district. Her main job is to be the Republican who initials the backs of the envelope on provisional ballots. A Democrat’s signature is also needed and two of them are working […]

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