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One Word Meme

Where is your mobile phone? chair Where is your significant other? Sleeping Your hair colour? brown Your mother? lovable Your father? demented Your favourite thing? family Your dream last night? None Your dream goal? Debtless The room you’re in? booked Your hobby? reading Your fear? people Where do you want to be in 6 years? […]

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Thanksgiving and Following

We’re going to Granny Tea’s. Guests include us, my brother’s family of six, Shasta and the EC, a college chum of the girls’ (already here, as school is out for fall break and she could not go home), tootlepip’s daughter (a friend of the family since around 1997) who will arrive tomorrow, and the single […]

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Being Poor

When last we met our hero, he was working two jobs trying to support his growing family, and yes, it was growing. Our HG was on the way, although we didn’t know that’s who she was then. Up until that point we had been sleeping on the floor- because our bed was one of the […]

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Being Poor, Part 2

(this is an edited and updated version of a series I did a few years ago. This is part 2. Part one is here. I thought of posting them again when reading Amy’s excellent series on how they got out of debt. This is NOT in any way a rebuttal- her advice is fantastic. This […]

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Oh, Frabjous Joy, Calloo, Callay

And hip, hip, Hooray!!!! Here’s the deal. I am a slovenly housekeeper. And disorganized. And discombobulated. And harried. And forgetful. And full of sentence fragments. Through the month of September and October I wrote out the beginnings of a year’s list of school stuff for Pip and the youngest two lot. In a notebook. A […]

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