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April Fool’s Day at Our House

I should be here keeping up with the CPSIA rally, but it’s been something of a hectic day for us, with both good, bad, comedic, and tragic elements. I stayed up very late in private email counsel with a young friend asking counsel on a personal matter. I stayed up later touching bases with another […]

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Reminiscing about The Common Room

(edited repost) As longterm readers (and those who read the masthead) know, the nine of us (and two large dogs) lived in a 1200 square foot house with one bathroom for three years before this house was built and we moved in.. You may not know that before that we lived in a 2000 sq […]

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The HG’s car was in the shop last week, and Shasta very kindly and generously offered to drive her to school in his truck on his day off. Equuschick came along for the fun. It was fairly early in the morning, and I am told the following conversation brightened the HG’s day all. day. long. […]

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For ME???

The very talented Mama Squirrel has written me a fable. Go see, go see! The part about the contaminants made me laugh out loud, and when I told Pip to go read it, she laughed out loud at exactly the same place. Share! Blog this! Recommend on Facebook Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Bookmark […]

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These Things Are Sent To Test Us

And some of us are passing the test with flying colors. A stomach bug is paying us a visit. Yesterday was miserable- I awoke to the sounds of a family member being hideously sick (fortunately, a family member old enough to take care of her own-self), a few minutes later another one got up, looking […]

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