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The Agenda for the Week

More or less. Today: Clean the house from top to bottom. Make a massive batch of lamb turnovers, some to eat for supper tonight in the van and some to freeze for later, and a batch of Gypsy soup for the freezer. Add a few items to The Homestead House.Water plants in the Sunroom (this […]

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Rules My Mama Never Told Me I’d Need to Make, Redux

It’s pretty funny that Kim should bring up this old list of mine the morning after I was thinking of an addition. I like Kim’s basics: 1. If you learned it from Calvin and Hobbes, it’s probably not allowed.2. Emulate The Three Stooges and Little Rascals with great caution.3. Don’t be stupid on purpose. One […]

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I was reminded of this story when a friend of mine told about having to kill a large, ugly spider on the inside of her shower curtain. She spotted it while she was INSIDE the shower- and she can’t see the Big E on the chart without her glasses, yet this spider was large enough […]

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Weddings from a Younger Sibling’s Point of View

I had a fun conversation with one of my daughters a week or so ago- I won’t say which one. Although this wedding is about as laid back as a wedding can be and still be called a wedding, she finds ‘all these weddings in the family’ (two daughters in one year) to just be […]

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Sainted PIT BULL? Oh, Dear.

So I took this personality test last night for fun: I am blue, which was news to me. I am not sure about all of this. Some, yes. But some is utterly foreign. Blues: are motivated by Intimacy. They seek to genuinely connect with others, and need to be understood and appreciated. Everything they do […]

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