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I was reminded of this story when a friend of mine told about having to kill a large, ugly spider on the inside of her shower curtain. She spotted it while she was INSIDE the shower- and she can’t see the Big E on the chart without her glasses, yet this spider was large enough […]

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Weddings from a Younger Sibling’s Point of View

I had a fun conversation with one of my daughters a week or so ago- I won’t say which one. Although this wedding is about as laid back as a wedding can be and still be called a wedding, she finds ‘all these weddings in the family’ (two daughters in one year) to just be […]

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Sainted PIT BULL? Oh, Dear.

So I took this personality test last night for fun: I am blue, which was news to me. I am not sure about all of this. Some, yes. But some is utterly foreign. Blues: are motivated by Intimacy. They seek to genuinely connect with others, and need to be understood and appreciated. Everything they do […]

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Wierd Quirks

When my husband is out of town on a business trip I will stay up way too late reading or perusing the internet in bed. I may go to sleep with the light on. I may go to sleep watching a DVD in the laptop. I will go to sleep surrounded by books and writing […]

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Oh. Right.

So, about that home-school co-op the one where I mysteriously have found myself volunteering to serve on the board- I was teaching two or three classes, had shanghaied my mother and two oldest daughters to teach three other classes (the older girls for second semester, as they thought themselves rather too busy to take it […]

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