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Want a Crocheted Goody?

Some of these you may have seen before. None of them are suitable for small children who put things in their mouths. Tiny coffee (or tea cups)- see the peanut?  It is there for scale.  Because doesn’t everybody use a peanut for scale?   you only think you’ve seen this bookmark before.  I made another […]

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Charlotte Mason Journey

People often ask me if I have always been a Charlotte Mason homeschooler.  The answer is I thought I was. I started, as so many do, with Susan Schaeffer Macaulay’s For the Children’s Sake, and it is a beautiful introduction to Mason’s methods. It resonated with me largely because of the good parts of my […]

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A funny thing happened on the way to my life

We got married in 1982.  It wasn’t very long after we got married, maybe a year, maybe 2, that my husband started making noises about wanting to go into ministry.  I said no.  I said no the way a woman would say no if her husband smilingly asked her if she would like a bucket of spiders poured […]

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My Grandma’s Deployment Bag

In the comments to this post, Tracy asked me what I pack in my emergency bag, which is the pink duffle bag you see to the left.  It’s roughly the size of a backback, with straps and everything just like a regular dufflebag, only about a third the size,  just the right size to sling […]

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Does it hurt too much? Really?

Hearing some tales of heart-ache about some overseas orphans who can’t be adopted, cannot even be hosted temporarily due to paperwork issues and timing, a friend says, “They’re hostage to a bureaucracy, in a country that cannot find love in its heart and will not release them to become part of a loving home. Same […]

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