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My family ran a station on the underground railroad

My family ran a station on the underground railroad.  I mentioned this on FB, and Francis asked to hear more about it.  There is not a lot to tell. It is 8 parts myth and family lore, one part circumstantial and one part proven fact.  There would be at least one way, I think, to […]

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News and Neuroses

Or, in other words, OUCH. I think I might try working on this. It’s a short read, and here’s an excerpt: “If your Neuroticism is high or even average, you probably aren’t even aware that you’re imposing on others. For you, calling on people to be sad, angry, or afraid is on par with asking […]

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Want a Crocheted Goody?

Some of these you may have seen before. None of them are suitable for small children who put things in their mouths. Tiny coffee (or tea cups)- see the peanut?  It is there for scale.  Because doesn’t everybody use a peanut for scale?   you only think you’ve seen this bookmark before.  I made another […]

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Charlotte Mason Journey

People often ask me if I have always been a Charlotte Mason homeschooler.  The answer is I thought I was. I started, as so many do, with Susan Schaeffer Macaulay’s For the Children’s Sake, and it is a beautiful introduction to Mason’s methods. It resonated with me largely because of the good parts of my […]

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A funny thing happened on the way to my life

We got married in 1982.  It wasn’t very long after we got married, maybe a year, maybe 2, that my husband started making noises about wanting to go into ministry.  I said no.  I said no the way a woman would say no if her husband smilingly asked her if she would like a bucket of spiders poured […]

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