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Dementia and the DHM

One evening earlier this week I was home alone with a flu-ish Cherub. Just about the time the family was expected home I noticed a slight burning smell, but I thought it was our corn boiler (it does smoke sometimes), so I ignored it. A few minutes later I noticed it again, a bit stronger […]

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What a Mess I Was

Oops- edited to add a very important missing sentence.=) First of all, when I was 15 and this really cute boy was 16 we almost met. When we were living in Arizona, My father applied for a preaching job at the church in California where the cute boy’s grandmother attended regularly (and he did when […]

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Tradition! Tradition!!

When I was in junior high school, my Sunday School teacher invited the entire girls’ class out to her house for a tea of some sort, and she gave away her cookbooks, inscribing each one of them to us. She knew she was dying. My cookbook was a cookie cookbook, and it included a beautiful […]

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Homeschooling and Tea Time in the Common Room

This post is from something I wrote several years ago after a particularly amusing teatime at our house. It would have been, probably, some time in the fall or winter of 1998 (going by the age and gender of the baby in this story). I wrote it to encourage a group of friends, because I […]

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Taking Seven Children to the Museum….

Several years ago there was a Leonardo Da Vinci exhibit in a museum in Canada. It was the last time these works would be seen anywhere on the North American Continent for many years, perhaps ever. We planned a field trip with two other homeschooling mothers. We planned it and looked forward to it for […]

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