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Thank-you, Lord

I think most of you know that we still own a house in Colorado. It’s a Colorado Springs address, although it’s ten miles east of the springs. We haven’t been able to sell it. We do have renters. Mostly, we break even, until they want something repaired and then we lose the entire cost of […]

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Overheard, Observed, and Often Facebooked byThe Common Room Family Members

Over just the last two or three days and in between berry picking (Nod thinks the berries smell ‘wide,’ but he means wild), swimming in the pool, chasing the neighbor’s cows, attempting to include some familial support in a terrible neighborhood tragedy that I don’t want to talk about yet, the cold/cough/sinusinfection/bronchitis from Hades bug, […]

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Jenny’s hosts have a cell phone that works, so she just called to tell me her first impressions: the speed of the autobahn the efficiency of the turn abouts which keep traffic flowing the skill of the drivers It’s beautiful Being surrounded by people speaking a language she doesn’t know is very cool. It’s clean, […]

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Status Updates

Cool thing I forgot to mention- Pip started college this week!!  Yes, she can go for free.=)  She’s taking 13 credits. She has one class on campus two days a week, and the other classes are online.  She’s doing a two year library science program to start with. She may do more later.  She’s mainly […]

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Deer, Cheese, and Butter, Oh, My

Our 13 year old son shot and killed his first deer this morning, a large doe, providing meat for his family in the old fashioned way. Semi-Old fashioned, since it was with a gun and not a bow. However, for those interested in these things, at least two of the deer already in our freezer […]

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