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Good stuff

We now have transportation again! Winter is almost over! My husband has a part-time job mostly involving working from home or traveling that includes me (and the Cherub). He’s working with our sending organization on recruiting teachers for international Christian schools, so we still have fingers in missions and that feels right. I finally got […]

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It’s February so I thought I’d Share My New Year’s Goals

I took it pretty easy on myself this year.  In December I decided t0 give myself all of January to come up with my New Year’s Goals and then not start working on them until February. They are: Read a book a week ( I started this in January and I’m more than on target) […]

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I am an epiphyte

  This is a long, rambly post about what’s been going on in our lives the last month or so.  You should know before you invest your time in reading that there is one heartbreaking event, and also that I have no  earth shattering conclusion to share, no deep and poignant moment of reflection, no […]

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It was one of those days

Planned to have tuna salad sandwhich on whole wheat pan de sal. Bread is moldy. My laptop cord stopped working and I didn’t notice until my laptop was at 20%. No idea why. In the middle of projects of course.I think this will be my 3rd powercord. I need my laptop. NEED. And I don’t […]

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“Do you see deer?” This is something my Pinoy friends often ask when I describe where I live. Yes.  Yes, I do. I am back in the U.S. for a few weeks and I easily see  couple of deer a week, if not more. Above, one misty, moisty morning as I drove my son to […]

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