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Signs of company

One of the guests came early and grilled the fish on our grill out on the patio. Note the two bowls of rice, which must appear at every meal. I figured I’d just serve guests family style- leaving food in the kitchen area, but they won’t have it, our Filipino guests.  It’s interesting.  I tried […]

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The Road Goes On….

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Previous Incarnations of the Living Room

The three dogs- from left to right are: Sadie, who we got when the FYG was a baby, and who went home to be with, well, you know, a couple years ago Zeus, who belongs to the Equuschick and went to live with her when she married Shasta Donovan-Dog, D-man, Donoman (what Blynken used to […]

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Open House, Sleeping Spaces Part Two

Welcome back to another Four Moms Open House! Last week we did the master bedroom. This week we’re doing the other bedrooms. I am not doing the detail I did for my room for two reasons. One is that the other bedrooms aren’t my rooms, and the Progeny are being gracious enough letting me share […]

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Four Moms, Bedrooms, Part the First

(Do you potluck? Visit Potluck Saturday and share a recipe for potlucks in the linkie!) If you’ve come to visit us from Happy Housewife, you want to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the post, although if you look at the pictures on your way through, my window shade will make a […]

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