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Davao Diary Video and Basketball

There’s a group of Indian medical students on our street, because there’s a med school not too far from here, and there are a lot of Indian students there. Right now they are playing croquet out in their yard. This is the father of one of my son’s classmates: This place- it’s all that I […]

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Caveat: Regarding specific cultural differences, I’m just passing on what we have been told. I don’t know how accurate it is. When we moved into our house my husband had heard several stories about break-ins and theft. He’d also heard an interesting perspective from one person who was directly involved in tracking down and firing […]

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Davao Diary: Walking to School and Other Notes

I substituted to read aloud to one of the classes at the library again today, so I am now in my husband’s classroom using the better Wi-Fi. I wish I could set up a nice little recliner in the corner and just hang out all day, and then watch my K-dramas here in the evening, […]

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Share their food

As missionaries go, we are possibly the least trained, officially speaking, of anybody here. It’s okay for the most part, from our end. But I can’t imagine this is a good choice for a young family just starting out who have zero overseas experience and not much cross cultural interaction anywhere. And probably any other […]

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Davao Diary: Service with a Smile

One of the things I love about the malls here is that they all have a supermarket attached. I am not sure, but I think the only grocery store not connected to a mall is the Costco version (it has another name but it is associated with Costco and works much the same way, except […]

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