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Cross cultural communication fail

I really had this conversation with a Filipina woman about my age, a very nice, kind lady. She was asking me how my language studies were going and I said I really was botching the grammar completely, and there were some words I consistently mixed up- tukod (to build) and tahud (reverence or respect). “Oh, […]

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Low Context and High Context cultures

Cultural Divide, Low Context Versus High Context (direct vs indirect) In my opinion and experience, this is the cultural difference that probably causes the most frustration, hurt feelings and misunderstandings. It’s also the most difficult one for me to adapt to- I can understand it in my head, but I can’t see it when it’s […]

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This is my brain on foreign language exposure.

In addition to the work my husband does with kids with disabilities who need extra help, he also works with the following areas/teams/committees: Admissions Child Safety Accreditation Drama He was working with recruiting, but that became too much. Lately he’s putting in 12 hour days and stomping out lots of little fires here and there. […]

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Here and There: Culture Stuff

Culture… “is something inculcated into you from your very earliest breath, your very first awareness of the world…. ” At the very basic level, people from other cultures move differently. They shop differently, they think differently and they live differently.” (Sarah Hoyt, in a longer post on immigration stuff) I find cultural differences and distinctions […]

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The different cultural values for efficiency are sometimes frustrating or bewildering for Americans and I believe cause hurt feelings on the side of the Filipino people.  I cannot speak much to that side of things, except to say we have a new young friend who is something of a telemarketer for a U.S. Company and […]

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