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Ordering Local Take-Out

At the end of the backroad to the school (or at the start, depending on perspective, I guess), there is a kerenderia. This is a special kind of restaurant- sort of open air, with a rotisserie grill for chicken, and pans of food sitting out at meal times. You can eat there or you can […]

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Have you coffeed today?

Our coffee these days is mostly instant. The instant coffee comes in various flavours already mixed in single packets. My husband prefers black, but sweetened. I prefer white, which is sweet and creamy. I also bought, as an experiment, a mix that has a special filipino dried mushroom powder in it which purports to keep […]

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From the book Cultureshock! Philippines: “The most important consideration in managing househelp is the personal relationship involved. It is the Philippine way. The expatriate will very likely feel he or she is never alone, and loss of privacy becomes the price paid for having househelp; the more help, the less privacy. The Filipino help will […]

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Bird’s Nest Fern

Asplenium nidus, ‘Birds nest fern’ I can not turn these pictures the right way. I don’t know why my phone and the blog are conspiring against me so, but they are. It’s a nifty plant- the leaves are thick, lush, green, grow closely together, leaving, however, a sweet little secret spot in the dead center- […]

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