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Davao Diary: Mostly About Cheese

Another Day’s Entry for my Davao Diary (but I forget which day this was): My two boys went snorkeling today with a bunch of people from the school. We were invited as well, but the invitation included some real concern about how the Cherub would get on and off the boat, and that concern was […]

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Filipino Cooking

Banana leaves are good for wrapping up meat for barbecueing. you can also line baking pans with them instead of greasing the pan. Sayote (Chayote) can be served: by cooking in salted water, peeling, removing fibrous center and serving like boiled potatoes. You can eat the seeds. Cook, peel, cut and use in salads like […]

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Day Five

Day 5- Sunday for us. Made breakfast in the room: Rice, scrambled eggs, and longanisa sausage, which is sweet and slightly smelly, which we didn’t notice until we came back from church, and the windows had been closed up. Next time, I’ll just open the kitchen window while frying them. We do still have the […]

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Day Four

Day Four: (Pictures will have to come later- the blog won’t load them). We took a cab to breakfast at Green Coffee: Cabs here are about a dollar (or less), for us even with all four of us. (Update, now they are closer to two dollars) Obviously, this depends on where you go, but […]

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We are here!

We’ve arrived! We’re very comfortably housed, although we do need to find a more permanent place asap as this is too expensive long term (and isn’t intended to be long term.) I can only post pictures from my phone, not from the aux cord connecting phone to computer. I don’t like writing from my phone. […]

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