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Davao Diary- The Comfort Room

This is something I remembered from when we lived in Okinawa, which is also a coral island in the China sea, so many of the construction resources and materials are similar, and the climate needs are nearly identical (except Okinawa gets typhoons regularly and Mindano doesn’t, especially Southern Mindanao). It’s the pleasure of feeling cold […]

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Davao Diary Update, January 14

We still have no wi-fi, which is making my inner toddler gnash my teeth and stamp my feet. We really don’t have a clue when we’ll get it, either. We keep being told different things, contrary to what I was previously told, and that frustrates me. On the other hand, I have been getting a […]

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We have treated the people from church who have helped us move and come over for basketball and language lessons to pizza twice. We were told, with much gratitude, that they cannot usually afford pizza so this is a very special treat. We look like we have more disposable income because of that pizza, but […]

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Of Basketball and Bonding

I posted a bit about the day out snorkeling at a nearby island, and I wrote about the starfish. While out on the boat and on the island, they swam, snorkeled, one of my guys got pretty sunburned, and the group visited with and got to know other staff and family members of staff at […]

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Davao Diary: The Sea Star

But lets go back to before supper. The menfolk went snorkeling for the day- Will’s first time ever. They brought back pictures, which reminded me much of taking my oldest two snorkeling in the East China Sea when they were preschoolers nearly 30 years ago- including the lovely blue starfish pictured… .somewhere. Probably FB. Starfish […]

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