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Of Basketball and Bonding

I posted a bit about the day out snorkeling at a nearby island, and I wrote about the starfish. While out on the boat and on the island, they swam, snorkeled, one of my guys got pretty sunburned, and the group visited with and got to know other staff and family members of staff at […]

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Davao Diary: The Sea Star

But lets go back to before supper. The menfolk went snorkeling for the day- Will’s first time ever. They brought back pictures, which reminded me much of taking my oldest two snorkeling in the East China Sea when they were preschoolers nearly 30 years ago- including the lovely blue starfish pictured… .somewhere. Probably FB. Starfish […]

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Davao Diary: Mostly About Cheese

Another Day’s Entry for my Davao Diary (but I forget which day this was): My two boys went snorkeling today with a bunch of people from the school. We were invited as well, but the invitation included some real concern about how the Cherub would get on and off the boat, and that concern was […]

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Day Five

Day 5- Sunday for us. Made breakfast in the room: Rice, scrambled eggs, and longanisa sausage, which is sweet and slightly smelly, which we didn’t notice until we came back from church, and the windows had been closed up. Next time, I’ll just open the kitchen window while frying them. We do still have the […]

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Day Four

Day Four: (Pictures will have to come later- the blog won’t load them). We took a cab to breakfast at Green Coffee: Cabs here are about a dollar (or less), for us even with all four of us. Obviously, this depends on where you go, but my son, who quickly has become a master […]

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