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Bamboo stand

The trees here are as big around as my arm.  Which is amazing when you consider that bamboo isn’t a tree, right? It’s supposed to be a kind of grass. Share! Blog this! Recommend on Facebook Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Bookmark in Browser Tell a friend

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  These are the brooms preferred by our housekeeper.  They are about as short as they look.  The one on the left, or a newer version of same, is preferred by most of our Filipino guests who visit and want to sweep something their child spilled.  I have two American style brooms, one a mistake […]

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Signs of company

One of the guests came early and grilled the fish on our grill out on the patio. Note the two bowls of rice, which must appear at every meal. I figured I’d just serve guests family style- leaving food in the kitchen area, but they won’t have it, our Filipino guests.  It’s interesting.  I tried […]

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Quail Eggs

  In addition to as many fruits as grew in the Garden of Eden (I’m sure), we can also buy quail eggs for about a dollar a for 2 dozen- sometimes.  Sometimes they are a couple dollars, sometimes I don’t see them at all. I boil them according to directions I found on the internet, […]

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What do you see?

In this city there are shiny, polished, air conditioned grocery stores with polished floors and coolers of meat and fresh fish on ice and refrigerated shelves of soft drinks and milk and eggs in cartons and fruits and vegetables wrapped in shrink wrap plastic and shelves full of processed, boxed, and canned goods. You might […]

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