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View from my patio

I have a bunch of cool pics but they all get added sideways and i cannot edit them in the blog.  I have to do it tediously one by  one.  Here’s one where I didn’t bother. The colouring in the distance does not nearly do justice to the real scene. The top of that tree […]

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Somebody’s Story

I posted this before, and in a couple places,  but for some reason, it kind of haunts me, and I revisit it in my mind a few times a week. I am standing on the sidewalk about two feet above the open front furniture stores to take this picture. I could have bought a small […]

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Furniture Boulevard

We took a bike (motorcycle with enclosed sidecar and seats behind and beside) up to a certain point, but the motorbikes aren’t allowed to cross a couple of the busier highways, so then we had to get out and walk a few blocks to the other side, and we took a cab a few more […]

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Local Eats

The cotton candy here is not quite finished. When done, it’s massive, several times larger than your head. They also serve some delicious schwarmas, a pork sandwich with an aioli sauce to die for, some tacos that are not worth of the name, and cheese sticks which are greasy but amazingly delicious.  On wednesdays you […]

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All this and more for less than 8 dollars a day

Having a katabang (helper) is marvelous, I am not going to pretend otherwise.  But also, there are these little social implications and requirements and while it does free me up from cooking or dishes the days she is here (sort of, I still do breakfast dishes before she gets here because it’s a habit I […]

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