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Davao Diary: Service with a Smile

One of the things I love about the malls here is that they all have a supermarket attached. I am not sure, but I think the only grocery store not connected to a mall is the Costco version (it has another name but it is associated with Costco and works much the same way, except […]

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The Cherub In Davao

Everywhere there are signs encouraging people to give place to the elderly, the pregnant, and the handicapped, and they really seem to represent the general view of the culture. I was told to be aware that Cherub would be stared at a lot because people don’t tend to take family members like her out in […]

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Modesty Standards

Modesty standards are another part of cultural differences I find fascinating. Women here, good women, nice girls, can wear shorter shorts, shorter skirts, or skin tight slacks. But I almost never see tank tops, more rarely spaghetti string tops, and definitely never, ever cleavage, no matter how hot it gets. On the other hand, nursing […]

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Back in the Minority Again

(Racially, I was a member of a distinct minority in high school (perhaps 15% caucasian). For five years we lived in Japan. And now we are in the Philippines. There is a medical school in our area, and it is attended by lots of students from India. There is a street of authentic Indian food […]

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Davao Diary- The Comfort Room

This is something I remembered from when we lived in Okinawa, which is also a coral island in the China sea, so many of the construction resources and materials are similar, and the climate needs are nearly identical (except Okinawa gets typhoons regularly and Mindano doesn’t, especially Southern Mindanao). It’s the pleasure of feeling cold […]

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