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I am an epiphyte

  This is a long, rambly post about what’s been going on in our lives the last month or so.  You should know before you invest your time in reading that there is one heartbreaking event, and also that I have no  earth shattering conclusion to share, no deep and poignant moment of reflection, no […]

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3 Ingredient Brownies

    This one is super easy, too, and it is a huge hit with chocolate lovers. I have a couple of young friends here who are my regular guinea pigs and the tell me this is the best of the best of all my dessert efforts. Funny that it is also the easiest. Ingredients: […]

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Personal Space

What I noticed first off all about myself here in the PHilipppines is that I am clumsy and totally unaware of my surroundings, which means I bump into people and things and knock things over a lot.  It has gotten better because, I think, I spend more time on foot and less time in a […]

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Ethnocentrism Can Be Funny

I heard a proverb this week that says something like, “if you want to know what living in the water is like, you don’t ask the fish.”  It’s impossible to avoid being ethnocentric at some level. It’s like asking fish what it’s like to live on dry land. A few months ago we had four 20 […]

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Another culture clash story

My Neighbour, who we will call P, stops me outside- sobbing ‘cos we’re moving & giving our dog to a Filipino doctor who is a friend of somebody we know, but we do not know the doctor. “Filipinos eat dogs they are so stupid. Please don’t.” She cries. Of course, P, like ALL my neighbours […]

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