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Another culture clash story

My Neighbour, who we will call P, stops me outside- sobbing ‘cos we’re moving & giving our dog to a Filipino doctor who is a friend of somebody we know, but we do not know the doctor. “Filipinos eat dogs they are so stupid. Please don’t.” She cries. Of course, P, like ALL my neighbours […]

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Davao Climate

Rainy season is 9 months of the year, if not 10. The driest month of the year is March, which only gets an average rainfall of 3 inches.  In a month.  I grew up mostly in the desert with an annual rainfall of 6 inches. “We base the humidity comfort level on the dew point, […]

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Gulaman drinks on hot days

I don’t make this, but I have seen the gulaman blocks at the store and wondered how one prepared them, and I do buy gulaman drinks on hot days.  They are indeed incredibly delicious and refreshing, and I do not ordinarily prefer drinks with texture and floating things. Share! Blog this! Recommend on Facebook […]

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It was one of those days

Planned to have tuna salad sandwhich on whole wheat pan de sal. Bread is moldy. My laptop cord stopped working and I didn’t notice until my laptop was at 20%. No idea why. In the middle of projects of course.I think this will be my 3rd powercord. I need my laptop. NEED. And I don’t […]

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Mountain Village, Philippines

Several of the younger generation (mostly guys in teens and 20s) at our congregation routinely visit villages and small churches up in the mountains. The places they go are only accessible by motorcycle and on foot. For some of their routes they leave their motorcycles at the last village accessible by trail and then walk […]

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