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Picnic sandwiches, 1901

For sandwiches, all sorts of bread may be used fine white bread, graham, Boston brown, entire wheat or old-fashioned rye bread. If one is making bread especially for a picnic it is an excellent plan to bake it in half-pound baking powder boxes, which turn out the neatest slices imaginable. Butter each can very carefully […]

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1920 Refugee fundraising ad for Ford

I love so much about this.  Be sure to look below the fold for the full picture in colour.

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Vintage article on home and family

(Previously) Some of this has absolutely no bearing on today, at least not in the U.S. Some of it presents useful principles and ideas.  The illustrations are mostly advertisements I found in a 1920 House Beautiful or similar magazine.   The first essential of the perfect home is its adaptation to the family.  It is […]

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February Calendar for your Journal


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‘Crispness Compels Mastication’

From a 1907 Good Housekeeping advertisement for shredded wheat cereal:   Can you imagine an ad for cereal today using a phrase like ‘its crispness compels mastication?’ That is one of the things that always strikes me about ads of yesteryear- the advanced vocabulary, as well as the text heavy focus. This one is actually […]

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