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Lindsey Graham: We have troops in Niger? Since when? I had no idea! Except: According to Senate documents, Lindsey Graham was present at the March hearing where the head of AFRICOM said U.S. troops were in Niger. He wasn’t the only Senator claiming to have no clue we had troops in Niger. They’ve been there […]

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News, views

Is Hollywood sitting on a pedophile scandal?  I suggest yes.  I know it may seem I’m harping on this, but it’s worth repeating until Hollywood is so ashamed of itself it grovels on its knees and apologizes and begs forgiveness for giving standing ovations and signing petitions in support of child rapists and, then thoroughly […]

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FBI investigating complaints of alleged misappropriation of FEMA supplies 4 Puerto Rico: “Mayors of local municipalities, or people associated with their offices, are giving their political supporters special treatment, goods they’re not giving to other people who need them.” Then there was this, from 2013: Sandy victims see almost none of promised $60 billion in […]

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Pro-Abort Claims He Has Unanswerable Question for Pro-lifers. Blocks people who answer.

You can read about it here. And here And here. And here. And here You could make an interesting school exercise with the above reading. Make a list of the points each person is making. Compare them. Contrast. Does their reasoning follow. What would you do? What does that mean? What does it mean when […]

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The Weak Anthropic Principle

I’m reading A Meaningful World, and chapter 6 deals with ‘A Cosmic Home: Designed for Discovery. It’s a fabulous book, but you do have to do some thinking while you read. These quotes are not from the book but are from essays and articles on the web that deal with topics related to the sixth […]

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