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Amazon Prime better than government programs

“Amazon Prime has done more toward elevating the standard of living of my family than any [government] program” Families in this isolated northern Canada community are loving Amazon Prime. They can now buy diapers for 35 dollars instead of 70.  They buy nonperishable foods at more affordable prices, or that weren’t even available before.  Not […]

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Interesting reads around and about the interwebs

A Cold Civil War– what does that mean, and what is the history of the term?   Artificial sweeteners:  “Artificial sweeteners may be associated with long-term weight gain and increased risk of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease, according to a new study published in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal) Consumption of artificial sweeteners, […]

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Real World Math

This is just simple math… People compare some “big ticket” item with “small ticket” items and don’t mention how the very large numbers of those small ticket items add up, or how very little the large ticket item would really stretch among the many to whom those small ticket items apply. So when someone says […]

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Failure to communicate

Me, handing out a variety of candy to neighborhood boy and using my very limited Visaya. I am translating our conversation to English here: Boy: Two, please Me: One. Boy: Two, please. Me: One. Boy: Two. Me: One. Boy: Two? Me, staring in perplexity at this persistant child: 😞 Suddenly, light dawns. Me, jaw dropping […]

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The Teaching of Geography in CM’s Schools.

There is a lot that could be said here, and I do not intend this post to be the final and utmost word on the topic.  I’m also just kind of throwing together information from a handful of the resources less often cited when discussing Mason’s philosophy.  Her books, which I don’t cite here, are […]

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