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This is a test, mostly, to see if things were working and that was the first file on my phone to share. It’s just a video of a tiger in a cage at the zoo,taken at night. Nothing spectacular. It may or may not have a tiger roaring, I had two videos on the phone […]

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To Laugh is to Live

Long ago the gods came to the earth, but there were no people. They said, ‘it is good if there are people. We will make a man and a woman.’ They took some earth and made two people and stood them up. They plucked the feathers from a chicken and made it jump, saying, We […]

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Read While Not Unpacking

Read: Seven Miles to Arden by Ruth Sawyer- Utterly improbable and silly and happily ever after based on 3 days acquaintance and an enchanting dose of imagination, but quite charming and fun. Frothy bubbles which disappear if you try to think too hard about them, but leaves you in a happy mood. The adopting of […]

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Still Here, Waiting for Wi-Fi

We were supposed to have Wi-Fi installed at our house today, and somebody came out to the house, but the internet was not installed after all and we currently have no date when it will be. They came, looked around, and said they had no wires to connect to on the phone poles outside. We […]

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Assessing Education, 1920, Part V

Volume XXVIII January 1920 Number 1 Hang Up Your Thermometer Ida E. Roger Grade Supervisor, Mt, Vernon, N. Y. Part I was here Part II is here Part III is here Part IV is here Question V (not a mistake, question IV is not in the original) What of “efficiency, or the power to do,” […]

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