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Joshua’s Eclipse?

I always enjoy these stories while at the same time taking them with a grain of salt, because while the word of God remains the same forever, our understanding of the Bible, science, and human history is constantly shifting.  Relying on this stuff to ‘prove’ your faith is kind of shaky (same for disproving, and […]

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Psalm 4

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Pursuit of God quote for Commonplace Book

“Shortly after, Paul took up the cry of liberty and declared all meats clean, every day holy, all places sacred and every act acceptable to God. The sacredness of times and places, a half-light necessary to the education of the race, passed away before the full sun of spiritual worship. The essential spirituality of worship […]

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Healing wounds at the cellular level

“Previous research had determined that calcium ions play a key role in wound response. That is not surprising, because calcium signaling has an impact on nearly every aspect of cellular life. So, the researchers — headed by Professor of Physics and Biological Sciences Shane Hutson and Associate Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology Andrea Page-McCaw […]

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19 New Gecko Species discovered

This is pretty cool. “The number of known species of geckos has just jumped upwards, with 15 new species being formally described this week. “And if you count the four I’m looking at right now it’s 19,” says Lee Grismer of La Sierra University in California. “When you called I was in the process of […]

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