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Science Fiction booklists

This is a great site for finding sci-fi short stories. I love their various categories so you can find the sort of thing that you really have a hankering for. The World Turned Upside Down– a fun collection of short sci-fi that is quite suitable for teens, although it is all older stories and so […]

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Commencement Addresses

Brain pickings characterizes the best and most timeless commencement speeches of all times this way: “Across them runs a common thread of what seems to be as much a critical message, the message, for the young as it is an essential lifelong reminder for all: No social convention of success should lure you away from […]

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In the Philippines this fruit is called guyabano.  Colonized by the Spaniards for 300 years, there are a lot of Spanish influences still here- words, plants, architecture styles, some cooking styles, and this fruit is one of those naturalized imports.  The Guyabano is originally from Mexico, where it is more commonly called the guanabana.  Another name for […]

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RIP, Sci Fi Author Jerry Pournelle

Glenn Reynolds offers a tribute here. There Will Be War, volume II, which he edited and to which he contributed, is free today.  Apologies, but Volume I was free a couple days ago and it was worth it.  It may still be free. Dragoncon is where he gave his last public appearance, just a few […]

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Poetry and Education

“The thing is,” said Charlotte Mason in a book she wrote for children, “to keep your eye upon words and wait to feel their force and beauty; and, when words are so fit that no other words can be put in their places, so few that none can be left out without spoiling the sense, […]

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