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University demands student submit to group bullying

Tyrannical Marxist struggle sessions and self-criticism continue in the Marxist centers of America, higher education. For speaking up in class and pointing out that biology says there are only 2 genders, and opining that the gender wage gap is a myth, the university is denying the student a class he needs to graduate, unless he […]

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Devastating Earthquake in Papua New Guinea

It happened in February, but the worst hit communities are some of the world’s remotest- they have little by way of outside connections, are inaccessible by road, and the mountain trails connecting these villages to the outside world are lost in subsequent mudslides. Entire villages may have been destroyed. The landscape has been rearranged. They […]

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Punctuality and Culture

Reading up on, and living with, cultural differences has really solidified for me something I have long suspected but now am sure of. That is, we spiritualize American standards in certain areas to almost a fetish, and then we export it, attempting to change a culture without any understanding of the context and related pieces.It’s […]

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Reading and Children

“Although each of the sensory and motor regions is myelinated and functions independently before a person is five years of age, the principal regions of the brain that underlie our ability to integrate visual, verbal, and auditory information rapidly — like the angular gyrus — are not fully myelinated in most humans until five years […]

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For those counting at home, that’s how many grandbabies we have now. Three of them are boys- one boy per family with one daughter having two daughters and no sons. We have yet to hold four of them, and one of them is walking now. Four of our girls are married. The kids live in […]

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