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Nature Study as Science

THE RELATION OF NATURE-STUDY TO SCIENCE Nature-study is not elementary science as so taught, because its point of attack is not the same; error in this respect has caused many a teacher to abandon nature-study and many a pupil to hate it. In elementary science the work begins with the simplest animals and plants and […]

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Writing notes by hand, an important life skill

Don’t take notes by laptop Research shows you only remember 5% of what you hear in a lecture, about 10% of what you read, but about 75% of what you learn when you practice what you’ve learned and 90% of what you learned about when you immediately go over it and tell somebody else about […]

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The Entire Legal Team Resigned

The Southern Poverty Law Center incorrectly labels Dr. Murray a “white nationalist…” “Angry protesters shouted down an eminent scholar and sent a female professor to the hospital. A crazed gunman entered a D.C. public policy shop and shot an employee before being disarmed. Someone mailed a suspicious white powder to a Scottsdale advocacy group, partially […]

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Bread and Famine, History Rhyming

History doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhymes, saids somebody (it’s often attributed to Mark Twain, but hasn’t been solidly traced to him) In a hungry Venezuela, buying too much food can get you arrested – The Washington Post And here: […]Venezuela does not produce its own wheat and instead relies on imports, which it sends […]

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Square cutting letters of the alphabet

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