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Why not teach academics and rote memory to your 3 year old?

Some kids are toilet trained years earlier than others, most of them reach the same skill level eventually.  Then there’s tying shoes, a skill you can work on all you want with a one year old, but until that child develops certain other skills, you are expending much time trying to teach him to tie his […]

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Such excitement! Our Unicornian boys: FULLY FUNDED for Christmas stay with their possible forever family!!   LOVE them so, so much. My heart aches that we will not likely be here to see them unless something goes terribly wrong with our own fund-raising for the Philippines move. But my heart also does cartwheels and springs like […]

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Charlotte Mason Journey, cont.

Previously… One of the first revelations to me when I read volume Six was how very comfortably Miss Mason’s ideas fit into the classical tradition.  I know this is controversial, but honestly, it’s one of the first things I said when I returned with my findings to share them on the CM list I was […]

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DOJ Kadzik leaked details of investigation to Hillary – email subject “Heads Up”

DOJ insider fed Hillary’s campaign advance inside info on the email probe. The connections between them are…. suggestive. I don’t know how this isn’t collusion, and why Kadzik hasn’t been relieved of duty. Share! Blog this! Recommend on Facebook Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Bookmark in Browser Tell a friend

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The Smoke on the Water Riff comes from…

Richie Blackmore, original band member of Deep Purple, wrote one of the most famous guitar riffs ever- the intro to Smoke on the Water (bom, bom, bom, bombom babom….). How did he come up with it? It’s a form of inversion: Start at about 3:32 for the explanation. I didn’t listen to the whole clip, […]

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