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Pro-life in the news

Planned Parenthood is not about women’s healthcare, it’s an abortion factory.  There is no excuse for them to continue to receive taxpayer dollars. The GOP has had multiple opportunities to defund them. It’s inexcusable that they haven’t, and it’s evidence of their bad faith with their base. New device could soon allow user to take […]

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70 Authors Guessing Game

From an old Good Housekeeping.  This is hard, even harder for us than it wsa for them because the list includes some authors were contemporary, but have now passed out of favour and long forgotten.  No names will be from authors who wrote only after  1900.   Share! Blog this! Recommend on Facebook Share with […]

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Michael Caputo’s fiery testimony to the Senate Committee

I read about this, but I had no idea just how much more powerful Caputo’s statement was then I realized. I read only about the cussing out, and some complaining about the impact this was having on his family, but his cogent attack on this investigation and those involved was far more damning than reported.  […]

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April Anniversaries

1 All Fool’s Day, Bismarck born 1815 2 Samuel FB Morse died 1872 3 Washington Irving born 1783 4 President Harrison died 1841 6 Battle of Shiloh 1862 8 Seventh Crusade 747 9 Surrender of Lee 1865 10 Fort Pulaski surrendered in 1778 12 Bombardment of Fort Sumter 1861 13 Edict of Nantes 1598 14 […]

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We replaced Great Books with Great Victims

The overthrow of the Great Books Programme: The Moral Frame of Victimhood “The professors act this way because they are suffused with ressentiment. Ressentiment is, of course, Nietzsche’s term for a certain state of mind, or rather, a condition of being. He liked the French word because it signified a deeper psychology than the German […]

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