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Ice at both poles growing, contradicting Global Alarmist Predictions

Expect this not to make a lick of difference, since global warming alarmism is motivated by political greed for power and control, not by science, and they have an army of brainwashed, very zealous dupes. “In the Southern Hemisphere, sea-ice levels just smashed through the previous record highs across Antarctica, where there is now more […]

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1907: ‘The Day of the Electric Kitchen…’

Good Housekeeping, Volume 45 Front Cover C. W. Bryan & Company, 1907 Written at a time when electricity was still fairly new and not always a given, I find this article interesting for the things it brings up that we might take for granted today, so much so it doesn’t even occur to us (the […]

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What if we just do not enjoy that book?

It depends on the reason.  Is it a book nobody much could enjoy and never has?  Is it unpleasant because it is a bad story, poorly told, formulaic? Drop it. Is it a book others have enjoyed over a wide span of time? Is it possible the attention span is lacking and not the book? […]

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This is just for fun, but a survey of British vegetarians finds that 1/3 of them eat meat when they get drunk.   Not at all funny: Puerto Rico may be without electricity for four to six months.  Things are really, really bad. Earthquake in Mexico kills over 200 people (so far) In Miami, one […]

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small things

I love this kitchen tip- put a quarter on top of a cup of ice in your freezer if the quarter ever drops down in the cup you will know that your freezer has thawed and then refrozen. It’s a good tip.  But it’s interesting the assumption that most people aren’t going to notice. I’ve […]

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