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Dog Blogging II

The twenty year old (yours truly, of course),goes into the kitchen to fry the bacon she just got out of the freezer. She begins to take it out of the package only it isn’t thawed enough, so she sets in the microwave. “My,”she says, “this is thick bacon.” (All of our pig products are homegrown, […]

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The Garbage Collection Wars

In the imaginary city of Anytown, a rogue commissioner appointed his own garbage collectors who toted guns, killed, maimed, and tortured citizens, and never actually took out the garbage. As the garbage piled up, it posed a threat to neighboring towns as the wind blew foul odours across town lines, making neighboring citizens ill. The […]

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My back hurts- and that reminds me…

A few years back I was chatting on the phone with a Charismatic (as in the religious belief in miraculous gifts of the Spirt being current) friend. I shared with her the sometimes debilitating back pain I suffer, and I also said that in some ways it had been a blessing, because I get some […]

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Here I am.

Okay, I have read through all the posts and comments and now feel that as the Headmaster I have a Clue!! It now one hour past when I wanted to go to bed. To those that don’t know me here is an overview: I like to read, but never have (find) the time. My priorites […]

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(crossposted from a comment in a friend’s journal)Deconstructionism: A theory that wastes a prodigious amount of words telling the stupid masses why words don’t matter, why we can never communicate a single meaning, and that each generation (sect…person…unit) can glean a different meaning (read: their own) from a text. What does deconstructionism mean to me? […]

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