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Writing Exercise

Here’s an interesting exercise. Read this post by Jeff Jarvis. Warning- it’s calculated to boil the blood of most Common Room scholars. Now take a deep breath and read this response by Hugh Hewitt. Next take notes. Which man sounds angrier? Why? What words and phrases seem to carry more bitterness? Make a short list […]

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Treating the Disabled to Death

On March 11th, I referred to Christopher Nolan here in The Quality of Life, the Quality of Mercy I said that “Mr. Nolan points out that one of the greatest ironies of this age is that now, when technology opens up opportunities and chances for life for the disabled that nobody could have ever even […]

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Earthquake in Indonesia

Earthquake off the coast of Indonesia Maps here, here, and one of Sri Lanka here.Helping Hands International is one relief program I’m aware of. I’m sure there are many others. Share! Blog this! Recommend on Facebook Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Bookmark in Browser Tell a friend

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This is…..JennyAnyDots 🙂 Spring is on the way!!!! I went on a walk through the woods with my cousins today. The weather was beautiful,fresh, and sharp. We were able to see shoots of grass, flowers, and Poison Hemlock; we do not like this plant. The birds were so loud we almost had to yell to […]

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Right and Wrong are Reflected by Laws, Not Determined by Them

Mark Steyn on the Terri Schiavo case: A couple of decades back, north of the border, it was discovered that some overzealous types in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police had been surreptitiously burning down the barns of Quebec separatists. The prime minister, Pierre Trudeau, shrugged off the controversy and blithely remarked that, if people were […]

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