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Hair Braiding Hero

John STossel reports: Every once in a while, people in Washington have a good idea. A really good idea. An idea that creates jobs and provides a service people like. Then, the government gets involved. Some years ago, a married couple, Taalib-Din Uqdah and Pamela Farrell, went into business braiding hair, African-style. They called their […]

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Do Food stamps make you fat?

A Middle Tennesee State University professor has been awarded a grant to study the matter. According to an online Tennessean news article: MURFREESBORO — Charles Baum III, an economics professor at Middle Tennessee State University, says people living in poverty in America have undergone a definite physical change over the last 200 years. Being poor […]

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California really is the land of fruits and nuts

The Headmaster was born and raised in southern California. He never left the state until he was a married father of one. The Headmaster and Headmistress met and married in central California. This study comes as no great surprise to us, but still, the Department of the Obvious doesn’t want to be completely ignored, so […]

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Walmart, Maryland, Healthcare

Full article here. Maryland lawmakers yesterday approved legislation that would effectively require Wal-Mart to boost spending on health care, a direct legislative thrust against a corporate giant that is already on the defensive on many fronts nationwide… …Lawmakers said they did not set out to single out Wal-Mart when they drafted a bill requiring organizations […]

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Cookie Jar Game UPdate

Looks like a Republican stole a cookie from the cookie jar after all (see previous post here). Read all about it at Powerline. Mel Martinez, Florida Freshman Senator, says: “…he discovered Wednesday that the memo had been written by an aide in his office. “It is with profound disappointment and regret that I learned today […]

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