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In Defense of Keats

Poor fellow, Certain Parties have been attacking him lately with undue cause. To begin with, I think it’s appropriate to utilize a passage from Lewis’ “The Four Loves:” “[The human mind]…wants to make every distinction a distinction of value; hence those fatal critics who can never point out the differing quality of two poets without […]

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Hum… so I notice that the Headmistress has been posting about our school. What I am going to post about is related to our school, although it’s from our poetry book, not biography, The book is called “The Roar on the Other Side,” by Suzzane U. Clark. We were reading about density in poetry. The […]

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News Stories to Watch

Oil for Food and the UN Scandal:———-More on Eason Jordan and the way the print paper is handling the situation. Tell me what you think of this:————-The Patriot Act: (note: I haven’t read everything at that site, but they promise civil debate, so I hope they mean it). —————-The Gates, a work […]

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Christopher Columbus, Mariner

JennyAnyDots and Pipsqueak are reading through this book by Samuel Eliot Morison for school. Today they’ll be reading the last portion of chapter 18 and the first two pages or so of chapter 19 (many parents would wish to preview this section).Sometimes they trace the maps in the book (Pipsqueak says they especially did this […]

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Bedtime traditions

Tonight young Whose-its picked the bedtime story. She chose How the Rhinoceros Got His Skin, from the Just-So Stories by Rudyard Kipling. So, Whose-its and What-its tucked away in their bunks, I settled down in the rocking chair in the corner, covered up with a blanket and began to read. -I have to cover up […]

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