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The Family Blog remains a new frontier for the Equuschick. She is not sure how the whole comment thing is managed, either the leaving of them or replying to them. She apologizes for her stupidity and shall manage as best she can.Her morning has been spent reading and enjoying the first few chapters of “The […]

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The Deputy Headmistress has had some self-debates on the merits of sharing the following link. After all, we want to be known here for our erudite brilliance. We wish to be a shining star in the blogosphere firmament, or at least the firmament of our small circle of internet friends.But watching this short video just […]

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Blogging on the bog

Further down the Headmistress briefly refers to the bog in our yard. The bog where she abruptly and involuntarily parked the van Tuesday night (you can see a picture here). From the air The Common Room driveway looks like a large needle, or at least, it did before the Deputy Headmistress and Zookeeper did some […]

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Magellan’s Voyage, from JennyAnyDots

We are having technical difficulties getting JennyAnyDots added to the Common Room. We don’t wish to get bogged down in technical details, but suffice it to say that the Deputy Headmistress is sometimes an idgit. Meanwhile, here is an entry from JennyAnyDots’ narration journal for Magellan’s Voyage, a Dover Publication of the account by Antonio […]

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Copywork about manners

Come when you’re called,Do as you’re bid,Shut the door after you,Never be chid ***************** Hearts, like doors, will open with easeTo very, very, little keys,And don’t forget that two of theseAre ‘I thank you’ and ‘If you please’. ****************** Please remember – don’t forget –Never leave the bathroom wet –Nor leave the soap still in […]

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