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He is Risen!

“HYMN TO CHRIST ON EASTER DAY(AFTER LONG SILENCE), Cristi anax, se prvton, epei logon heri dvka,dhnaion katecwn, fqegxom apo stomatwn, (Dactylic hexameter, and pentameter.) O Christ the King! since breath pent up so long I have outpoured, Thou first shalt be my song; May this my word, the current of my mind, If lawful thus […]

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Marbury vs. Madison

It was THEN. Marbury vs. Madison, 1803. The Supreme Court granted itself the authority to consider cases about the constitutionality of legislative and/or executive decisions, and when deemed by the court, and therefore by the OPINIONS of those on court, unconstitutional, to overturn them. Judicial review is over 200 years old. I can’t decide whether […]

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A Quiet Day

…Split pea soup is simmering (I do hope I haven’t mussed it up. I usually don’t, but there are occasions where somehow it goes Completely Awry and the poor Common Room inhabitants are left to reflect on the cheering fact that there are, at least, left overs in the fridge). I have finally completed “Jane […]

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Suggested reading

Much to think about on Polipundit today. Share! Blog this! Recommend on Facebook Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Bookmark in Browser Tell a friend

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George Felos introduced HB 2131?

Is that the gist of this article?. HB 2131 is the bill in Florida that changed feeding tubes, by a stroke of law, into artificial life support. Not sure why a feeding tube for a person who can’t swallow (or, as in Terri’s case, swallows saliva all day long, but is forbidden by court order […]

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