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Labor Saving

Gunnar Mrydal, author of a 1970 book called The Challenge of World Poverty, said that introducing labor saving devices into third world countries would decrease the demand for labor, and was, therefore, a Very Bad Thing, which would result in unemployment and financial disaster. About this, Henry Hazlitt, author of Economics in One Easy Lesson, […]

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Of Boys and their Toys

One of our First Year Students has developed a new version of an old game. The boy First Year student recently received some green plastic army men (found at the thrift shop for a terrific price). There are three sets, a small light green group (made in China), a small dark green squadron (made in […]

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A narration on Henry the eighth

This is JennyanyDots posting on Pipsqueaks thing:) Pipsqueak will be posting on Mary Tudor and Good Queen Bess so I willpost on Henry the eighth and the things he did.The book we are reading for history is Winston Churchill’s THE NEW WORLD. As a young man he was very handsome, he had auburn hair, he […]

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A history narration

So, for history today we were supposed to write a narration of the last chapter and a half that we read. And so I am posting mine on the blog. Mary Tudor, daughter of Catherine of Aragon became queen. She was catholic, and joined England with Rome once more. IN matters other than religion she […]

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Morning Hymn

Jesus, Thou Joy of Loving Heartsby Bernard Clairvaux, 1150; translated by Ray Palmer, 1858Tune: Maryton, or the same tune as Oh Master, Let Me Walk With Thee Jesus, Thou Joy of loving hearts,Thou Fount of life, Thou Light of men,From the best bliss that earth imparts,We turn unfilled to Thee again. Thy truth unchanged hath […]

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