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Fake and Content Free

Gibberesh approved for scientific conference: Jeremy Stribling said Thursday that he and two fellow MIT graduate students questioned the standards of some academic conferences, so they wrote a computer program to generate research papers complete with “context-free grammar,” charts and diagrams. The trio submitted two of the randomly assembled papers to the World Multi-Conference on […]

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National Poetry Month Post

This post is for those who have already been listening to and reading poetry for several years. This post is for people who already have favorite poems. This post is for people who like poetry already and are comfortable with it. If this describes you, then you might be ready for some of the grammar […]

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Positive developments

Found at Blogs for Terri: Today, attorneys on both sides agreed Magouirk’s brother and sister, A.B. McLeod, 64, of Anniston, Ala., and Lonnie Ruth Mullinax, 74, of Birmingham, will be allowed to visit their sister during regular visiting hours at the University of Alabama-Birmingham Medical Center in Birmingham, where she is receiving treatment for an […]

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A Unique Opportunity

Joe, over at Evangelical Outpost, offers The Gallery as a weekly feature on his blog. You’ll want to click on that link first and read through his post and the comments. The Headmistress is pleased to note that Modern Art and the Death of a Culture is cited frequently. Now go look at a recent […]

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Naming a Baby, Scratching a Rash

Have you ever tried to name a baby a really special, unique, unusual name? You look through the baby books and you think long and hard about all the names you’ve ever heard of. You discard the ones you hear all the time- you don’t want something common. You finally pick out a solidly out […]

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