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Who passed the memo on the Senate Floor?

Powerline is a must read this morning. Answer: Yes– This is Powerline’s definitive reply to and accurate summing up of the Washington Times article “Was the Schiavo Memo a Fake?” Points:1. All 55 Republicans state they have never seen that Memo (Until the Post published it) 2. Each of them states plainly that he or […]

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Dubious Doings in Dubai, or just Fantasy Islands?

In a previous post(Around the World), I linked to a an article about the massive building projects currently ongoing in Dubai. Here’s more:Boing Boing (The Headmistress is not pleased with the ads on this site) says 300 private islands shaped like world map, near Dubai A developer near Dubai is building a supervillain lair straight […]

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Us and Them

Best of the Web today: Jack Nargundkar of Germantown, Md., is confused, as he made clear in a letter to the editor of the New York Times the other day (third letter): The most critical conclusion to be drawn from the [Schiavo] case is that with the injection of religion into our politics and our […]

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Around the World

Afghanistan– if you haven’t bookmarked Chrenkoff already, you’ll want to do that so you can keep up with his updates on the good news from Afghan and Iraq. He acknowledges that there is bad news too, but that’s about as hard to discover as the ground where you put your feet. See Chrenkoff also for […]

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Narration of The New World ch 9

This is JennyAnyDots 🙂 The New World is by Winston Churchill Queen Elizabeth had the Royal Navy (built by Henry VIII) rebuilt and refurnished by John Hawkins. John Hawkins was a brilliant man but, sad to say, he learned his seamanship in slave-running and shipping. Hawkins taught one of the most famous seaman known, Francis […]

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