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News and Commentary for the Common Room Students

The Deputy Headmistress has combed the blogs and the news searching for articles that will not bring a blush to maiden cheeks, yet are newsworthy, interesting, and offer ideas to think about. Here are today’s results: Read the article “Many Partings” from the Belmont Club Have you been following the Syria/Lebanon stories in the news? […]

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Twelfth Night

I happen to love “Twelfth Night” very much. Its wit and sweetness combine to make for a tour de force of magnificence.Most likely my favorite scene is when Viola/Cesario tells Orsino exactly why women can love as deeply as men, and that it is not only Orsino’s passions that count.After he rails at her about […]

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Twelfth Night

We watched Kenneth Brannagh’s Twelfth Night Saturday night (thanks to Mama Squirrel at for recommending it). It was a slower in pace than the Trevor Nunn adaptation, and all the action takes place outside, which was odd. But there were some things we liked better. The slower pace made it easier for our young […]

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When Whose-its was, oh, about 19 months old, I heard her call out “Mother,” so I, oddly enough, said, “What?” She said she wasn’t talking to me, she was talking to her sister Jennyanydots, who was being the mother. Then she came over, patted my arm reassuringly, and said gently, “That’s just ‘tending. JennyAnyDots just […]

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Securing the blessings of liberty to Posterity

That’s in the Constitution. Apparently some Representatives need to be reminded of this function, however, judging by a quote I found in World magazine’s February 19th issue. Here, for your amusement/frustration/grief, is the opinion of Rep. Rob Simmons (R-Conn) on the issue of Social Security: “When does the program go belly up? 2042. I will […]

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