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Woo. And Indeed, Hoo

Congratulations to the Head Girl who just called to tell us she PASSED her Western Civilization CLEP test for a sweet three college credits. She had intended to take the Macroeconomics test, but after doing the preview test, decided she should wait and take a course in Macroeconomics, and so she switched her CLEP schedule […]

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It’s about Freedom

Update: See also the Carnival of Freedom for the most recent freedom round-up. Via Instapundit, a link to a terrific article in the Times, UK, by Gerard Baker, which contains this reminder: In a speech one month before the start of the Iraq war in 2003, Mr Bush laid out the strategy: “The world has […]

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Volunteering at the Library

I don’t have much to write, but I’d better write something, hadn’t I? On Thursdays JennyAnyDots and I volunteer at the library for two hours. This time we only did it for an hour and a half, because we couldn’t find the van keys, and we were terribly late. Sometimes there are boxes of books […]

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Tales of the Wild

Headgirl is in the shower, Equuschick is cleaning the kitchen, and she hears a cry of some sort coming from the bathroom. It sounds like this-“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOaaaaahooohhhhhhhh!” She is concerned. She knocks on the door and says, with the sense of a sister who knows her older sister very well, “Is there a spider in there?” […]

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Sitting Still is Highly Over-rated

DOne of mine was all over the room when I would read,turning somesaults, making faces at the baby, dangling upside in her chair and making cat’s cradles with her hair. Yet when I asked her a question, she always was able to answer it. She appeared to be paying no attention at all, yet was […]

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