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Isaac Watts

Previously A few more errors of judgment we tend to make when reading for information and ideas: VI. Yet I cannot forbear to point out two or three more of these follies, that I may attempt something towards the correction of them, or at least to guard others against them. There are some persons of […]

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Four Boys

UPDATE: Update on the Ukrainian orphan hosting for our friends in the states (and our much beloved four brothers in Ukraine): The group may be able to fly Wednesday, but it depends on the willingness of an individual to get them all to the airport by then. Otherwise it will probably be Saturday, as there […]

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Recipe from the Philippines

The first day we arrived a family from the school took us out to dinner, and in that post, I could not remember where we had eaten.  I found it again.  We ate at a chain called Mang Inasal.  Inasal is a type of BBQ chicken.  It’s delicious. What we had was a chicken leg […]

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Day 3

Day Three: This isn’t from day three, but just a compare and contrast- at the airport in Chicago, I started to take off my shoes, but the person in front of me asked if she needed to, and she was told no, so I didn’t.  This was wrong.  I was made to feel it was […]

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Fun Facts

Fun facts: We Left Chicago in the morning at 10 or 10:30 our time.  We flew for 13 hours and it never got dark- every time we opened a window shade, the sun was blindingly bright.  The window shades were mostly kept shut because many passengers were sleeping.  It was night by the time we […]

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