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Davao Diary, some perspective

Something to keep in mind about my observations of Davao- Davao City proper is 1.6 million people (as of 2015) and metro-Davao is 2.5 million people.  I’ve spent the last dozen years or so living on a country road where my nearest neighbor is my mother, and I couldn’t see her house, and I could […]

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What’s up?

I finished my last day at work a couple days ago and am on Christmas break.  I had been going back and forth on whether I really wanted to go back. There are some reasons why me supervising the teens and study hall and some of the rules are not a great fit.  I hate […]

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Hmmm. PNEU Education for girls and boys

PR article Books. by Mrs. F. G. Hickson Volume 14, 1903, pgs. 914-921 “But we are hampered in all our efforts by the fact that if we strike out in any new line in education, we may handicap our children in later life, by making it impossible for them to follow with success in the […]

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Balance between drudgery and delight

Neither drudgery nor delight is itself proof that something is or is not working in your school:   ” this Parents’ Review School is doing good work in trying to avoid the evils of modern education to which I have referred. One of the aims of those who provide its curriculum is to give a […]

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CM Science

I. Stem Science begins at birth, but for six years it has nothing to do with  ‘academics:’ Science begins with: Baths: splashing, floating, dropping things in the water, kicking, and more.   Food: smearing it, fingering it, smelling it, wiping it on one’s face, and sometimes, eating it.   Dropping things, over and over and […]

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