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For those counting at home, that’s how many grandbabies we have now. Three of them are boys- one boy per family with one daughter having two daughters and no sons. We have yet to hold four of them, and one of them is walking now. Four of our girls are married. The kids live in […]

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I watched the Japanese movie Full Metal Alchemist. I liked it. I thought it was fun and weird and very Japanese. I haven’t read any of the mangas, though, which is why I liked it. I am pretty sure if I were a fan of the comics I would hate this. I read some reviews […]

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Linking for Thinking

Black Rednecks and White Liberals by Thomas Sowell is an outstanding read, and now you can also enjoy Amanda Green’s chapter by chapter review. Bookmark it. No, socialism is not cool, and yes, it has been tied. It’s deadly. China is amending its Constitution to make Ji Xinping dictator for life. Trump looking at steep […]

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Books Read in February

A Charlotte Mason Education by Catherine Levison- this was, of course, a re-read, but I hadn’t read it in probably 15 years. I still like it. It was fun reading my notes, too- there were a couple areas I once strongly disagreed with her and later revised my opinions. It’s a fast read, and a […]

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Giant Whiteboard for Cheap

We once had a whiteboard that was about 4′ X 8′.  It cost us around five dollars because we bought it from another homeschooling family.  They had bought it at a home improvement store, but it wasn’t sold as whiteboard, so it cost them around ten dollars (prices a bit higher now, but not much). […]

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