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Books As Friends

“I have friends,” said Petrarch, “whose society is extremely agreeable to me; they are of all ages and of every country. They have distinguished themselves both in the cabinet and in the field, and obtained high honors for their knowledge of the sciences. It 32is easy to gain access to them, for they are always at my […]

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I didn’t even know CNN could go this low

You’ve probably heard that President Trump tweeted some gif somebody made that had a CNN block logo superimposed over an anonymous body at a professional wrestling match with Trump coming out of nowhere and body slamming the guy and then strutting off. My take was that was his response and victory strutt over the nonsense […]

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Birth control pills and fish

This is kind of…. freakish. Fish becoming transgender because of contraceptive pill hormones flushed into the ecosystem… Share! Blog this! Recommend on Facebook Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Bookmark in Browser Tell a friend

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Ancient Historians by Michael Grant, Reading Schedule

These are not lesson plans, but rather a very loosely organized reading schedule. I would spend at least a week on each assigned reading- reading a few pages a day. Two weeks is probably better. If you take a week per assignment, you’ll be done in 24 weeks or so, but very likely your student […]

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Extra help with school work

This site has links to several websites which offer tutorials and tests for math and language arts.  IT’s hosted by a community college, and the goal is to help students study for the accuplacer, but since many, many high school graduates are not even up to par on high school level skills in these areas, […]

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