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Will Pharrel’s Happy in ASL

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Therapy Canceled, So….

Therapy was canceled tonight (therapist just out of surgery)- so… even though there is a raging thunderstorm outside, I am going with the 18 year old, Shasta, the Equuschick and some folks in town to see Maleficent at the four dollar theater (with the original 1920s front still up) in town (on the brick road, [...]

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Questions about the autopsy report for Michael Brown

There’s a summary of those results here, with comments about how they do or do not support various narratives. For instance, no powder residue, no stippling is actually a count against both narratives- there were claims that the police shot him at close range, execution style.  That didn’t happen.  But then, the police claim the [...]

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The Cherub, as I have been whining about for about a year, has taken to destroying my books. She pulls them off the shelves wanders around with them, rips pages out or colors in them, and then leaves them all over.  This isn’t just an issue of supervision- unless you’ve dealt with a kid like [...]

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What it means when politicians are ‘concerned’

Politicians saying they are rethinking giving used and surplus military gear to nation’s police officers. Politicians say a lot of stuff, but you shouldn’t take this seriously.  Expressing ‘concern,’ ‘reviewing the program,’ giving pretty soundbites about how it’s a problem are not substantive, meaningful, or effective ways of stopping the program.  They get the public’s [...]

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Family Funnies; Keeping It Real

My youngest two drove over to pick up some babies. My son tells me the youngest was out in the driveway wearing just her diaper and some tomato seeds and juice, happily holding the tomato as well. Dread Pirate Grasshopper, the 4 year old, came racing from the barn shouting, “Baby, move, they’ll kill you!” [...]

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Whole30® Stuff

At least two of my adult kids are going to be trying this whole 30 thing.  I am thinking about joining. Whole 30, summary- a paleo version of a clean, whole foods eating plan: “What is the Whole30®? Certain food groups (like sugar, grains, dairy and legumes) could be having a negative impact on your [...]

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Frozen Pancake Batter Fix

We had an excess of sour raw milk a few months back. We froze most of it, but we also made some batches of pancake batter and froze them for quick company breakfasts. One of the bags got stuffed in the back of the freezer and we all forgot it. I cleaned our the freezers [...]

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Jiggety Jig

The FYB and JennyAnyDots took a train ride to New York.  They were visiting friends and helping out with a project or two.  The friends, a young married couple, are expecting their second baby soon.  They wanted to expand a small and not extremely functional living room by knocking out a wall to a small [...]

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Eyes on the ball(s) in Ferguson

  -Updates below, but I liked this comment from Tim (see our comments section) so much I am bringing it up to make sure as many see as possible: “Indeed, even if one were to adopt the worst imaginable possible interpretation of Brown’s killing — that the cop straight-up murdered him, with intention and premeditation [...]

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