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My husband served on the local Republican party something or ever. He was actually angry with me for not voting Republican the previous 2 elections, especially the year Obama was first selected to office. He says he’s leaving the Republican party this year. I congratulated him on finally seeing the light, and welcomed him to […]

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1922 Homemade Fly Trap

Click to enlarge: 1922

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Wee Free Reads (two more free Kindle books)

Aegis: Catalyst Grove (Aegis Series Book 1) Reader review: This, the first book in the Aegis Series and was a real adventure of a book to read. Filled with mystery and secrets, the book was fun and easy to read as so enjoyable. Graham is an orphan, he’s 15 years old, he has nightmares about […]

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P.N.E.U. Principles As Illustrated by Teaching 1

I have written about this before, but every time I read this article I am reminded of something I had forgotten, or I see something new, or I am inspired again. “In every undertaking it is well to have an ideal end, and a scientific means for realizing that ideal.” Goal:  training our children to at least be “their best,” […]

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Don Lemon VS Sheriff Clarke

I found much of this frustrating to listen to and to watch. Both of these men are talking past each other. Each of them have an agenda, things they want to say. Of course, one of them is a reporter and he ought not to have such a blatant agenda, but we’re used to that. […]

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