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May Byron’s Vegetable Book

From a 1916 cookbook on vegetables: I wasn’t sure what a french cutter is (I thought I knew, but I was wrong, that’s not what it was when this cookbook was written.  I looked it up in other old cookbooks.  First I only found lots of directions for using one to scoop out potato balls [...]

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Phonics Game

  I found this in a teacher’s magazine from 1909.  You could adapt it all kinds of different ways. You could have two toy buildings at either end of a placemat, and put actual river-rocks with the words written down on them between for the stepping stones.  You could draw it on paper and use [...]

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This Seems a Most Unfortunate Name for a Food Brand

I don’t know what happened to the Sorosis Flour company, but I am sure the name didn’t help. I realize it’s spelt differently to the disease (cirrhosis), but the pronunciations are similar. Very probably when they first chose the name it did not have that unfortunate connotation with liver disease, alcoholism, and death.  Or perhaps [...]

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Squirrel or Acorn Book Cover, Template

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Acorn Booklet

This acorn booklet template was so cute, I had to copy it. I found it in a magazine for primary school teachers published in the 1920s.  I made a couple of very small changes, and now I pass them on to you. The single acorn is intended to be traced and then cut on a [...]

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After the Last Page

The five year old grandson picked up at picture book that looked like a tale of medieval knights and noble deeds of derring-do. In fact, it is a medieval picture dictionary or an abecedarian: Illuminations, by Jonathan Hunt. The illustrator used the theme of illuminated manuscripts, giving each page an illuminated letter and then a [...]

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Free Kindle Reads: Christian Fiction; Christian Living

  Books are free at the time I found the links and pasted them here. This changes sometimes, so be sure to note the price before you add it to your cart. Sometimes, for some reason, the links get stuck while loading. Just refresh the Amazon page and that should help. You don’t need a [...]

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Vintage Fall Colouring Page and Poetry: Under the Chestnut Tree

  Other ideas: Print, color if desired: paste to thin cardboard.  Cut into four squares and use as a puzzle. laminate, play ‘find the…’ with your younger children (or don’t print, just do this with the picture on the computer screen)- find the squirrel, find the basket, where are baby’s shoes? etc. Tell a story [...]

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Things Mother Used to Make: Biscuits

The original receipt is from the 1914 cookbook Things Mother Used to Make A Collection of Old Time Recipes, Some Nearly One Hundred Years Old and Never Published Before, by Lydia Gurney Here’s the recipe as it appears in the cookbook: =Cream of Tartar Biscuits= 1 Pint of Flour 2 Teaspoonfuls of Cream of Tartar 1 [...]

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My Whole30 Shopping List from Trader Joe’s

The nearest TJ is 90 miles from me, and I don’t get in the car and go anywhere but to therapy and an occasional rare outing for very special occasions these days. However- a friend who lives closer was starting whole30, and she lives halfway between TJ and me.  She offered to pick things up [...]

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