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This is just for fun, but a survey of British vegetarians finds that 1/3 of them eat meat when they get drunk.   Not at all funny: Puerto Rico may be without electricity for four to six months.  Things are really, really bad. Earthquake in Mexico kills over 200 people (so far) In Miami, one […]

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small things

I love this kitchen tip- put a quarter on top of a cup of ice in your freezer if the quarter ever drops down in the cup you will know that your freezer has thawed and then refrozen. It’s a good tip.  But it’s interesting the assumption that most people aren’t going to notice. I’ve […]

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Bird’s Nest Fern

Asplenium nidus, ‘Birds nest fern’ I can not turn these pictures the right way. I don’t know why my phone and the blog are conspiring against me so, but they are. It’s a nifty plant- the leaves are thick, lush, green, grow closely together, leaving, however, a sweet little secret spot in the dead center- […]

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Implicit Bias not as Well Documented as Imagined

The IAT, which allegedly measures your implicit biases is a weak reed to lean on: “While liberals love the idea that we all suffer from some sort of implicit bias (or at least white people d0) and they base their theory on the Implicit Association Test. However, there is little evidence that there is any […]

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Charlotte Mason Before School Age

Notes from Volume One (Home Education) of CM’s six volume series I compiled these notes for my own personal use. They are incomplete in two ways. They are incomplete in that nobody can really do justice to Miss Mason’s work as well as Miss Mason herself. They are incomplete because I never finished transcribing all […]

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