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Fruit Coloring Page

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Free Kindle Books

Paleo Cookbook: 50 Fantastic Family Friendly And Fun Gluten Free Recipes (Paleo Recipes Book 1) Reader Review: If you’re collecting paleo recipes, this one’s a decent pick to add to your collection. I enjoy the old fashioned hamburger and baked salmon w/ asparagus recipes. Obviously, though, if you’re doing a paleo diet you probably you [...]

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October Paper Craft, Vintage Magazine

We don’t even celebrate Hallow-e’en, and I thought this was cute: You don’t have to keep the Jack O’Lantern face. It’s made on the same lines as those paperdoll chains where all the dolls are holding hands- accordian fold a long piece of paper, draw the above pattern (or print it out and use it [...]

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Husband’s Lunches, Pork Roast and Applesauce and more

    That’s a brownie in the same compartment as the apple sauce.  I don’t know why it looks so scary.  There are potatoes in the compartment with roast, and then tomatoes, salad and a pickle. To keep the applesauce out of the brownie and vice versa, I cut down a styrofoam coffee cup to [...]

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My Amazon Subscribe and Save

If you fiddle your subscribe and save order at Amazon so you have five items coming in a month, you get a 15% discount. You can switch it around, cancel, replace, switch, and postpone items and it doesn’t matter. If you have five items, you get the 15% discount- an exception is diapers and wipes. [...]

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Vintage Printable Patterns for Sewing Cards

These come from another vintage magazine for early childhood education. The idea is you copy them (today just print), trace them to cardstock, then mark, or use a thumbtack, to make guideholes and the children ‘embroider’ the cards by sewing along the dots. Your kids could also just color them and cut them out and [...]

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Vintage Illustration from Kindergarten Primary Magazine

This is from The Kindergarten Primary Magazine, volume 29 at I laughed when I first realized what it was a picture of.  Now I really do not know what to make of it.  It is part of Froebel’s original program of ‘Mother-Play,’ of which I think I have a rudimentary understanding, but not strong [...]

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May Byron’s Vegetable Book

From a 1916 cookbook on vegetables: I wasn’t sure what a french cutter is (I thought I knew, but I was wrong, that’s not what it was when this cookbook was written.  I looked it up in other old cookbooks.  First I only found lots of directions for using one to scoop out potato balls [...]

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Phonics Game

  I found this in a teacher’s magazine from 1909.  You could adapt it all kinds of different ways. You could have two toy buildings at either end of a placemat, and put actual river-rocks with the words written down on them between for the stepping stones.  You could draw it on paper and use [...]

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This Seems a Most Unfortunate Name for a Food Brand

I don’t know what happened to the Sorosis Flour company, but I am sure the name didn’t help. I realize it’s spelt differently to the disease (cirrhosis), but the pronunciations are similar. Very probably when they first chose the name it did not have that unfortunate connotation with liver disease, alcoholism, and death.  Or perhaps [...]

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