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where’s your water buffalo?

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Fish Bones

What do you see? I see beauty. I see and taste, and smell, the flavor and scent of good, very good, charcoal grilled fresh fish. I see food. Nourishment, sustenance, life. Let food be food. Real food flavored by other real foods- garlic, calamansi, locally grown pepper, oil. I see a livelihood. Somebody worked hard […]

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Sample Dictation Lesson

Dictation Lessons Need for Dictation Lessons In composition the thought is stressed all the time. “Bear hard upon your subject,” says a book of advice to adult writers. “What is it you are trying to say?” we ask again and again when a child becomes self-conscious and hesitates over the form. Always the thought is […]

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I think it’s working!

It’s been 24 hours, with church in between, but it looks like our temporary fix may be a good fix. We just have to pay attention to how much we use because it’s pay as you go and also there is a limit on how much bandwidth we use each day (there is for all […]

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Poet Cannot Answer Test Questions on Her Own Poem

You have got to read this. Hurry up already. Need a hook? A modern poet learns that a couple of her poems are the topic of some of the test questions by a Pearson standardized test in Texas. She protests. She’s hilarious, but it’s also horrifying. She cannot answer the questions. They don’t even make […]

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