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Isaac Watts

Previously II. In order to furnish the mind with a rich variety of ideas, the laudable curiosity of young people should be indulged and gratified, rather than discouraged. It is a very hopeful sign in young persons, to see them curious in observing, and inquisitive in searching into theĀ greatest part of things that occur; nor […]

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Vintage Advertisement, Gramophone


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Vintage Life Hacks

There are a bunch of them here, taken from a set of information cards once included with packages of cigarettes. They are really interesting, and some of them demonstrate some science concepts, making them useful for using with your kids. People selling margarine as butter was apparently a problem. If you werne’t sure, they suggest […]

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Lunch, New York

Also, cherry tomatoes, grapes, boiled eggs, cheese, and an iced hazelnut coffee. Some of us are quite pleased with ourselves to be eating a banana all by ourselves.

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Road trip, Pennsylvania

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