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You’ll want to read this

“What lives in the Tower?” Carolinus jerked his fierce old bearded face around to look at him. “What’s living there?” he snapped. “I don’t know. We’ll find out soon enough. What is there—neither alive nor dead, just in existence at the spot—is the manifestation of pure evil.” “But how can we do anything against that?” […]

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Why Do We Have To Know This Stuff?

This is a really interesting and fun old short story about an archaeology expedition on Mars and the efforts of a member of the team to decipher a language for which there can be no Rosetta Stone. Or can there? It’s Omnilingual, by H. Beam Piper It won’t convince a die-hard skeptic, of course, because […]

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The Boy walked with his classmates at the private school he’s been attention part time since we moved to the Philippines.  We gave him a diploma.  What I am saying here is that tonight I handed him a piece of paper marking the end of my 29th consecutive year of homeschooling.   Aren’t I supposed […]

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Martial Law

Mindanao (the island where we live) is under martial law because of fighting between the government and terrorist groups in a city about six hours from here. Davao City is now in something called hold and secure.   More here. Share! Blog this! Recommend on Facebook Share […]

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Bible reading and young children

Q. How do I get my 3 y.o. to narrate? You don’t.  Narration, the kind where you ask the child to tell you back (rather than his own spontaneous retellings) doesn’t start until six. Q. If I don’t teach him how to do this now, how will he do it when he’s of school age? […]

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