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Why We’re Here

I have shared a lot about the fun, cool things we see and do, the things we learn, and how much we love living in the Philippines.  I have shared a few tidbits, surface information, about the work we do, the work my husband primarily does, at the school.  The reason for that is that […]

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Isaac Watts on Learning Languages

Previously   OF LEARNING A LANGUAGE. The first thing required in reading an author, or in hearing lectures of a tutor, is, that you well understand the language in which they write or speak. Living languages, or such as are the native tongue of any nation in the present age, are more easily learned and […]

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Effective Studying

I started reading Fluent Forever: How to Read any Language Fast and Never Forget It by Gabriel Wyner. I have quite a ways to go, yet, but what he says so far really makes sense to me. He talks about the importance of not thinking of your learning in translation- you don’t think, ‘lalaki, boy […]

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Interesting Scientific Discoveries in the News

Why the Greenland Vikings vanished– possibly globalization and climate change (brought on by a massive volcano). “Giant oarfish are the longest known living species of bony fish, reaching a length of 56 feet (17 meters). They can weigh up to 600 pounds (270 kilograms).” National Geographic has more. I’ve been reading about them this week […]

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Language Is Confusing

I *think* I mentioned that I learned I have been putting the accent on the wrong syllable when I say ‘good afternoon’ in Visayan. And by accenting the second syllable instead of the first, I have been telling people “Good Japanese,” or possibly ‘Good Japan,” but definitely not ‘Good afternoon.” I also have had trouble […]

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