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Remember When?

Funky designs: Large, sharply pointed collars: Slipper polyester fabric: Disco shirt, circa early 70s- Studio One, Campus brand, made in Korea. Found at the Rattery.

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Guess the Picture Answer

Over on facebook I kind of cheated, I think, by posting just the circles of one of the designs between the muffin tins. There were several excellent guesses- including from a few children. I love it when readers have their children try to guess, btw. this cleaned up pretty nicely, I think, considering how many […]

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This is the item partially pictured on FB for people to guess.  It wasn’t entirely a fair test, because there was really no way to know *what* the item was, though Lindsey Beck Jacobsen recognized the leg of the lion pretty much immediately. In fact, it’s such an unfair test that even now, looking at […]

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Guess the Picture Again

Once more over on FB we’ve been playing guess the picture. This one was a lot harder – probably the hardest yet.  You can look at the one up on FB, and then compare it to this shot: This is looking down inside from the top, and yes, that is a hole at the bottom.  […]

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Guess the Picture- it’s a picture=)

As seen on Facebook, here’s the rest of the picture: It was covered in grime and spider webs, and looked much darker. I like it. Jenny tactfully says she likes the frame.=) I don’t know anything else about it. Updated to add: I do know it belonged to Aunt Hattie in 1939, because that’s penciled […]

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