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The Holy War, cont

Previously, Four brave generals in Shaddai’s army travel to Mansoul with thousands of soldiers. According to the summary at quashed stories: Now King Shaddai thought good at the first not to send his army by the hand and conduct of brave Emmanuel, his son, but under the hand of some of his servants, to see […]

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The Holy War, cont.

We’ve read about how information of the revolution and rebellion was carried to the court of King Shaddai. We’ve read about his His great resentment of the rebellion and His gracious intention of restoring Mansoul. He explains part of is plans to restore his Kingdom, while Diabolus seeks to suppress those plans, and we’ve read […]

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The Holy War, Continued

You can read the whole book here. There are study guides here.*In our last reading, Diabolus has heard of the plans of the King and his son to reclaim Mansoul.  He sets out four tactical responses: First, that this news, these good tidings, (if possible,) should be kept from the ears of the town of […]

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The Holy War, continued

Up until now we’ve been reading about the attack on the kingdom of Mansoul from the viewpoint of a narrator watching and listening to Diabolus, his henchmen, and the townspeople.  The last chapter concluded with: He that Diabolus made Governour over the first of these, was one Spite-God, a most blasphemous wretch. He came with […]

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The Holy War

During the first six years of his imprisonment for preaching from the Bible, John Bunyan wrote The Holy War. This is an allegory of a war between the wicked Diabolus and the good King Shaddai. The territory over which they battle is the Kingdom of Mansoul, which El Shaddai lovingly and painstakingly created for the […]

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