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Help, I have a serious addiction problem…

… to Korean dramas.  I’ve mentioned this before, and really, you can just scratch the help part of that title because right now I am reveling, or perhaps wallowing is a better term. It is true that some of the shows I loved as Korean Dramas I would probably not give a second glance to […]

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Television and Movies as Tools in Teaching Discernment

If you must watch television, try using it not just for Amusing Ourselves to Death, but  to teach discernment. Watch commercials with the sound off, trying to guess what is being sold. Watch with the lights on while standing up or moving around- then discuss what you’ve watched. Now turn the lights off and slump […]

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Using Movies for Education

Part II- I answered the question about whether or not Miss Mason would have used film if it were available to her,  briefly here, with a lot of quotes from CM showing she was familiar with movies (the cinema), and she dismissed them as entertainment.  But I have more to share.  First,  let me first […]

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A Picture Is Not Always Worth a Thousand Words

The Baby Einstein story reminded me of this post from a couple years ago, so I’ve adapted and revamped it a bit: There are things pictures can do for us educationally, but there are more things pictures cannot do. Pictures can be ambiguous, confusing, and deceptive, especially without context. Words provide context and explanations. We […]

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DVDs for Babies HInder Speech Development

So after giggling last night over Andrew Stuttaford’s suggestion that denying our kids’ a daily diet of television would lead to cultural illiteracy, I read the study that prompted his remark in the first place in this sad piece of news this morning: DVDs and videos that claim to help boost infants’ ability to learn […]

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