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A Shopping Cart of Gratitude

I took the Cherub grocery shopping today and changed our lives.  I went with the Striderling and his sisters and mama.  While the HG unbuckled the baby and Striderling,  I took the Princess Peach and the Cherub by the hand and went into the grocery store to get one of those carts with the double […]

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Readings on Deaf Children and Language

Deafness and Child Development; a very interesting text by Kathy Meadows, Survey of Residential and Day Schools for Deaf Students in the United States That Identify Themselves as Bilingual-Bicultural Programs — LaSasso and Lollis 8 (1): 79 — The Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education The purpose of this survey was to determine how […]

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Eugenics in America

edited repost A few years ago I wrote a post titled The Disappearance of the Disabled. We linked to the post Eradicating the Disabled, by Wilfred McClay. It was a brilliant piece of writing. Wilfred noted that “the “right” to abort has become, increasingly, regarded as a social and moral duty.” I’ve been thinking about […]

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A Dementia Episode, From the archives

I found this in my archives of saved drafts.  It’s from back when my dad was well into the clutches of his dementia, but still living at home with my mom.  I don’t know if I ever edited and posted it, but if I did it would have been a while ago, seeing as how […]

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Sign Language with Non-Verbal Kids

This is not, by any means, even an attempt at being comprehensive.  It’s just a few ideas we’ve found useful. Our Cherub is nonverbal, but she does hear.  She signs some. She doesn’t have an extensive sign vocabulary and at her best she only had a vocabulary of about fifty words- if we added any […]

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