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Don’t Dumb Down Shakespeare

I’m sharing a link to and excerpt from an article I found interesting, amusing, thought-provoking, and intelligent. I was going to preface this excerpt by acknowledging that it’s a bit old, but still relevant. Then I caught myself with some horror- ‘old.’ Old? It’s 11 years old. If we were putting this on a timeline […]

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Shakespeare, The Tempest, Characters

  Illustrations by Walter Crane. Story by Shakespeare, retold for children by Alice Spencer Hoffman. Published around the early 1900s. ¬†Found at Use as colouring sheets, bookmarks, character cards to help the children keep their narrations in order, or some other fahions of your choice. Or just enjoy Walter Crane’s illustrations. Click to enlarge: […]

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Reading Shakespeare in Character

In the past when we ‘did’ Shakespeare and we were reading a play ‘in character,’ that is, assigning parts, here’s the gist of how we went about it: After we read the story of the play in Lamb’s, I found a copy of the play online. ¬†This is a pretty good source– you can get […]

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Shakespeare With Young Children

When my youngest two were 6 and 8, this is how we did Shakespeare: We read from Lamb’s Tales of Shakespeare- I tried other versions, and whiel they seemed simpler to me, the children narrated best from Lamb’s. I think the others leave out too many details and so the children missed too much with […]

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Academic Goals When Studying Shakespeare….

The title of this post, as you see, is ‘Academic Goals When Studying Shakespeare….” The ellipses are there for a reason. The rest of that sentence is ‘have I none.’ There are worthy academic goals for Shakespeare study. There is a time and a place for studying setting, symbolism, metaphor, vocabulary, iambic pentameter, dramatic tropes, […]

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