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Another Air Pressure Demonstration

  More in this series at The Common Room Blog Air Pressure, and Charlotte Mason Science in the early years Air Pressure: Lawn Mowers and Straws Air Pressure,¬†suction cups, juice cans, and water glasses upside down Air pressure: eye droppers, canning jars, sea of air, more syringes, squirt guns, turkey basters Show that an empty […]

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Air Pressure in a medicine syringe (or a turkey baster)

Use a turkey baster or, even better, a medicine syringe (not the kind with a needle, but like this Oral Medication Syringe , and play around with it. Pull water up, push it out. What do you have to do first before you can get any water into the syringe? If you pull the syringe […]

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Science of how things work, air pressure (pt 3)

I’ve shared a couple other ideas of activities the kids can do at home to help them understand and make some observations of their own about air pressure. My goal here is not to give them a scripted science lesson that you can check off on a box for your state’s curriculum requirements. The idea […]

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Air Pressure, Printable Activity Guide

  Click to enlarge. ¬†If I did this correctly, and you want to print it out, it should print out so that each rectangle is the size of a 3X5 index card- you could print them, paste them to index cards, or print directly to index cards if you have the know-how for that. Other […]

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Charlotte Mason Science: Learning about Air Pressure

I talked about Charlotte Mason’s ideas about this sort of approach to teaching science to the younger school aged children in this post. Here are some possible projects you could try if you wanted to do this at home- I gleaned them from old, public domain science books, cobbling together information from two or three […]

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