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And We All Sing With the Same Voice…

Pretty cool stuff: Population geneticists expected to find dramatic differences as they got a look at the full genomes — about 25,000 genes — of people of widely varying ethnic and geographic backgrounds. Specifically, they expected to find that many ethnic groups would have derived alleles that their members shared but that were uncommon or […]

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Mummy Surprise

CAT Skin reveals a museum exhibit billed as ‘Lady Hor’ for the last few decades needs to be revised. The mummy turns out to be a man. Archeologists assumed he was a she because the coffin image sported no beard. Share! Blog this! Recommend on Facebook Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Bookmark in Browser […]

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Junk DNA Not So Junky After All

In fact, it may just be indispensable: Now researchers from Princeton University and Indiana University who have been studying the genome of a pond organism have found that junk DNA may not be so junky after all. They have discovered that DNA sequences from regions of what had been viewed as the “dispensable genome” are […]

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Compassionate Example Half a Million Years Old…

Craniosynostosis is: a birth defect in which the skull segments close too early, producing facial deformities and interfering with the development of the brain.… The head can be large and misshapen, the eyes can bulge out. The children can be blind and deaf. Their limbs may be deformed. They may have seizures and feed poorly. […]

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More On Stem-Cell Research

Again, there never was a ban on using human embryos for stem-cell research- there was only a ban on using federal money for this line of research: President Clinton is the one who balked at allowing scientists to use government money for embryo creation and research on stem cells harvested from such embryos; Bush only […]

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