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Does it hurt too much? Really?

Hearing some tales of heart-ache about some overseas orphans who can’t be adopted, cannot even be hosted temporarily due to paperwork issues and timing, a friend says, “They’re hostage to a bureaucracy, in a country that cannot find love in its heart and will not release them to become part of a loving home. Same […]

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Mortification of sin in believers by John Owens, part V

Part IV is here

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More on San Bernadino

Obama is Wrong About Mass Shootings Not Happening in Other Countries What Are the ‘Common Sense Gun Laws’ that Would Have Prevented the San Bernardino Massacre? There aren’t any. California has the most restrictive, and right now the media is saying that while the long guns were purchased legally they were not purchased by the […]

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Come Unto Me, All Ye That Labour

THE REST AND THE REST GIVER “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and 1 will give you rest,” –  Matt 11:28 THE Speaker here is the Son of God.  It is not man speaking to man and sympathising with man,  but it is God himself coming up to us and […]

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Sy Rogers on God’s Redemption for Sexual Sinners

I have tried to transcribe most of this sermon by Sy Rogers for those who need closed captioning. It’s not a professional effort, and it would be better if there were cc, because then the words would match his mannerisms and expressions. My apologies for not finishing the job- it takes me two hours to […]

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