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Feinstein’s release of Fusion transcript

Feinstein released testimony from Fusion official before the investigation is over.  She says it’s the full testimony, but significant parts have been redacted.  You can go read it.  Problem is, so can witnesses who had not yet given their testimony, so now they can check their stories in advance. Oddly, while Feinstein ignoring committee chairman […]

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Government Cookie Jars

Who has total control of our tax dollars? Who takes them? Who decides where they go? Who decides to raise our taxes and take more from us to give to others? Who is who chooses to give some firms our tax dollars as corporate welfare? Politicians. Corporations do lobby for money and favorable legislature, and […]

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Politicians Who Changed Portfolios 166 Times Within Two Days

Disgraceful: Boehner is one of 34 members of Congress who took steps to recast their financial portfolios during the financial crisis after phone calls or meetings with Paulson; his successor, Timothy F. Geithner; or Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke, according to a Washington Post examination of appointment calendars and congressional disclosure forms. The lawmakers, […]

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Fill in the blank

The HM recently brought home another ‘show and tell’ application. He does this from time to time with particularly egregious examples. This one he entitled “Job Application 101” and he shows it to many young people for their instruction. He can do this quite legally, you see, because the young applicant left off his name […]

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Politician Assaults College Kid, and more News

“In both houses of Congress, a host of other committee chairmen and ranking members have reported that they have millions invested in business sectors that their panels oversee…” More here. Wishful thinking on health care costing taxpayers millions more. Rep. Etheridge, D. North Carolina, puts a headlock a student on the street– the student gets […]

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