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Yeats and the Land of Heart’s Desire

Yeats’ writing, for me, is haunting, mystical, and indescribably lovely.  It’s that lovliness that leaves you with a sweet tender heart-ache of longing for something intangible. Tonight on the way home from church I read The Land of Heart’s Desire, a one act play he wrote. It might have been his first, I’m not sure.  […]

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Essay on Man, 2

Part I is here   Pope’s Essay on Man is divided into four parts.  However, in a 1900 school edition of the Essay on Man, Joseph Seabury said ” “The poem is an integer. It should be read contin- uously, thoroughly, slowly, and read to the end. Weigh each word : each word has force. […]

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A Rhyme for Tired Cooks

O weary mothers, mixing dough, Don’t you wish that food would grow? Your lips would smile, I know to see A cookie bush or a pancake tree. No hurry, no worry, no boiling pot; No waiting to get the oven hot; But you could send your child to see If the pies had baked on […]

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Poetry for the Plucky

The Grasshopper and The Crickets A grasshopper once had a game of tag With some crickets that lived near by, When he stumbled his toe, and over he went Too quickly to see with your eye. Then the cricket leaned up against a fence, And chirped till their sides were sore, But the grasshopper said, […]

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Alexander Pope’s Essay On Man

“Of the poems of Pope none perhaps is more celebrated in common fame, none has provided more passages for storing in the memory and applying on common occasions.” John Aiken, 1796 (most of this information comes from his preface to an edition of Essay on Man) “Who is there that has any taste for polite writings […]

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