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Isaac Watts

Previously IX. When a person feels any thing of this invidious humour working in him, he may by the following con sideration attempt the correction of it. Let him think with himself how many are the beauties of such an author whom he censures, in comparison of his blem ishes, and remember that it is […]

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Doing the Work He Has Put in Your Hands

The husband and father of the Saunders family died after a sudden illness, leaving Mrs. Saunders a young widow with a 6 and a 4 year old child to care for. “Long days and weeks rolled around, and Harry and Mary wondered how papa came to go away and leave them, and why, if he […]

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Isaac Watts: Prejudices that Warp our Judgment

Previously Isaac Watts shares some thoughts on tendencies to guard against when gleaning information from reading. ┬áIt’s easy to read this and think of the other guy, but it’s most beneficial to read it while applying it entirely to oneself: IV. Another mistake which some person fall into is this: when they read a treatise […]

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Sculpting with Crochet

This is a current project, one I am not sure I will be able to complete before we leave for the Philippines. I am making it up as I go along because any pattern for what I want looks too tedious and complicated for my level of understanding. This means I can’t tell you yet […]

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Previously I. If we would form a judgment of a book which we have not seen before, the first thing that offers is the title-page, and we may sometimes guess a little at the import and design of a book thereby; though it must be confessed that titles are often deceitful, and promise more than […]

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